Working on your own engine

"I Cant work on a Diesel..I need a Diesel Mechanic."Have you ever found that thought going through your mind? Well Heres the Facts. If you bring an Oldsmobile Diesel to a mechanic, for of two things will happen.

1. "We Dont Work On These" 2. The Price for service will climb...massively.

For Example: An oil change, around what?...$20 at any Local repair shop..including only 5 quarts of oil..then you remember your engine holds SEVEN quarts..and you mention that its Diesel, suddenly the price goes up $10..for what? Theres no special procedure for changing oil on a Diesel. What I'm saying is Do It yourself and you will save a good chunk of change, even more so when it comes to repairs such as head gaskets, choosing to send it to a mechanic can result in a $800 repair bill..just for head gasket replacement...OUCH! The scary part is, will they do it right, and do they know about the importance of things such as the head bolt issues etc...If they dont, that heafty repair bill could turn into more of a "temporary fix" rather then a solid repair...Do it yourself, do it right, and save.. big time!

Basic Maintenence can be done quicky and easily..and parts can be bought at the local parts store and are inexpensive.


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