4.3l Diesel V8

In 1979, Oldsmobile introduced a 4.3l 260ci Diesel V8 for intermediate Oldsmobile cars only, basicly a Cutlass engine..There was even a 5spd manual transmission as the standard. The Economy was about 4 MPG better than the same car with the 5.7. The engine acutally is exact to the 350 D Block with the exception of the 3.5" bores, there for, all aftermarket modifications I have listed for the 5.7s, also apply to the 4.3 V8. These engines where discontinued for the 1981 year as it was the 5.7 or no Diesel at all and the 4.3 V6 took over the Intermediate Diesel car role as well as FWD cars starting in 1982. These are pretty hard to find today, as they where never remanufactured like the other Olds Diesels where..if the 260 broke under warantee, a 350 went in its place...Even on the Manual Transmission cars!

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