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5.7 Litre Diesel

Used in various GM applications starting with the 1978 model line, the 5.7L 350 Oldsmobile Diesel wngine was the first domestic Diesel engine offered to the public in passenger cars. The Diesel V8, was easily able to acheive "small car" fuel economy in a full size sedan at a pricey, yet affordable price...The economy matched or exceeded that of smaller cars powered by 4 cylinder gas engines of that same time. Since the engine however was introduced to the public too soon, many problems arose after a year or so of use..That combined with poor fuel situations and "lead foot" drivers led the engine through many stages and a number of improvments untill its final year in 1985 when all Oldsmobile Diesel engines where discontinued for all GM applications in 1986. It is claimed to be one of the largest failing disasters in all automotive history, I belive that outlook is not entirly true...the problems that remained up untill its end in 86' where not completly improved, and that is where this all falls into place, in the information listed below on the Oldsmobile 5.7l Diesel V8, 1978-1985

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