Tuned Induction 4.3 Diesel

Ok, This is not a rumor, but at one time, GM Took the 4.3 V6 Diesel and Modified it a bit in order to make a Diesel powered sports car..The 4.3l V6 Diesel was all stock except for the Intake and exhaust..The Intake was a Tuned Port Air Induction Intake, meaning, The intake had seperate "intake pipes" for each cylinder, similar to the idea of the Tuned Port Fuel Injection that you see in the late 80's Camaro Iroc with the 305

The Exhaust manifolds here dont appear to be manifolds at all, Headers, would be the propper term, and definatly NOT "shorty" style. On the car, actual dual exhaust is what was connected to the collectors. Notice the size and length of the primary pipes, and the length of the collectors, all important factors in header selection...For those unsure of what an actual Diesel header would look like, as far as pipe sizes, GM actually designed these headers for the Olds Diesel, and they came up with something that looks pretty respectable..Gives some good ideas to those looking for the right headers to bolt on to a 350. These modifications brought the power level up from 85HP @ 3600RPM and 165ft.lbs @ 1600RPM to 101HP @ 3600RPM and 180 Ft. Lbs @ 1675RPM. This engine was in a 1984 Olds Cutlass Ciera,in front of a 5 speed manual transmission, the car pulled to 60 MPH in 10 seconds, which was faster then the gas version! Unfortunatly, the "Sports Diesel" was never offered to the public, But it sure gives me some neat Ideas! What this goes to show is simple..More Air, Good exhaust flow = More Power...The V6 gained 15Hp and 15Ft. Lbs, from a modified intake and better flowing exhaust alone, roughly, a 15% increase!

If anyone has any info. as where to find one of these intakes, Im all ears, although they dont look Too difficult to make if you put your mind to it. I do know that more than one was made, according to a comparison between this picture and the picture shown in the 1984 Motor Trend Magazine...The intake in the car was more low profile, I guess so that it would fit under a FWD hood. It appears as if the stock intake seems to have been modified to accept the individual pipes.....what a good machine shop could do!

If you have any Info on this or any other Olds Diesel "Prototype", and would like to share it with those of us with great interest,

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