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The 4.3 V6 Diesel

Introducing a New Addition to The 350 Diesel Page, a section entirly on the 4.3l V6 Diesel in production from 1982-1985. Over the past couple years, I have gotten quite a few letters from 4.3 V6 owners needing help and Information. On March 23, 2000..I aquired one of these engines in a 82' Monte Carlo..So I figured, What the Hell.. My Knowledge on this engine is basic..I am not a complete expert on this engine yet, as I am with the 5.7, but my knowledge will grow over time, and I will have learned a bunch of tricks and tips in which I will share here with everyone..Its gonna start out small, but as soon as new info is discovered, it will be here..

Ready?..Here We Go!

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