A Glimps into the future, of The 350 Diesel Page

***As of April 23, 2001, The major updates are finally almost complete and ready to view. There are a few things that still need to be added and edited, but basicly all layed out. Some of the updates include, over 10 new articles for the 5.7L, and others that will be bringing out the insane possibilities of Oldsmobile Diesel Performance....Incase you didnt catch that I just said Oldsmobile Diesel Performance....Stay Tuned!

***As of March 7, 2001, there are major updates currently in progress for The 350 Diesel Page. The update includes reconstruction of the site which should make it alot easier to navigate. There will finally be a domain name..easy to remember and hard to forget...everyone will be able to figure out the new domain name as soon as the first new page is posted..you wont be able to miss it, belive me. These past three years have been quite interesting...Now, I think that it will just get more interesting. I cant say exactly when, but as soon as everything is together and works, the first page will go up..so check back every now and then...it should be interesting!

***As of December 9, 2000, The 350 Diesel Page awaits a change! Not to worry, I havent disappeared..There will be a whole new side to The 350 Diesel Page. Celebrating its third year of Oldsmobile Diesel Information on the web, 1998-2001. So stay tuned, and I thank everyone for visiting The 350 Diesel Page..Your Ultimate Source for the 21st Century!***

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