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Turbo Charging

A turbo 5.7 is not completly unheard of..infact, back in production times, there where aftermarket turbo kits available for the 5.7 Diesel, which produced a low boost of usually about 3psi. The addition of the turbo to the stock 5.7 brought the actual performance of the engine to about the same level as the V8 Gas option, AKA; Olds 307...about a 25% power increase. This is however with a low boost and a stock engine. The addition of a turbo to a engine that has ported and polished heads, roller rockers, custom fuel system and camshaft might grab your attention when it comes to actual performance.

I wouldnt recommend running a turbo with out extra support in the mains such as ARP studs and main girdles in applications where boost levels exceed 3psi. Of course head studs and high volume oil pump should be used also.

The oil delivery line would come from where the oil pressure sender is located and return either through a customized fitting in the valve cover or through a fuel pump block off plate..the engine would then rely on an electric fuel pump.

*This is a newly developed subject..there will be more on this at a different date....