The Oldsmobile Diesel and Manual Transmissions..

Ever find yourself saying, "It would be neat if it was stick"? Well I know I have. In reality, for the 5.7, this is a possibility...The 260 Diesel in 1979 came hitched to 5 spd manual transmissions..Therefore, since the 260 uses the same crankshaft as the 350, The Flywheel will also for the pilot bushing in the crank, you may be able to purchase one..if your crank however isnt drilled for that, it can be done...Most Remanufactured engines have the crank pre-drilled for the pilot bushing since it was a direct replacement when it came to replacing any 260 Diesel with the 5spd. Your probrably thinking..hmmmm, thats pretty neat...well I am too, I wonder what a 5.7 Diesel in a Cutlass with a 6 speed would be like...Fast maybe?....Maybe! Unfortunatly, finding a flywheel for the 260 Diesel is not an easy task..however the option of rebalancing one from an Olds Gas V8 would work..

Actual Flywheels Discovered!

*January 2, 2001*
Thanks to the info. provided by a reader on The 350 Diesel Page Message Board, I recently contacted this place, The Rod Shop, which is Located in Victoria, Australia, and carries Balanced steel flywheels for Both the 350 and 4.3L V6 Olds Diesels..The only thing you must do is have the ring gear removed from the standard flex plate and fitted to the new flywheel, Install a Pilot Bushing (Check your Crank!) and Bolt it up to your 3, 4, 5, or even 6 speed Transmission. Prices are $385 for the 5.7 Flywheel and $445 for the 4.3 V6 Flywheel..Prices are in Australian Currency..They also ship where required. Check out The Rod Shop for your Flywheel Needs Today!
*Remeber to Check your Crankshaft for the drilled out hole that accepts the Pilot Bushing..Rebuilt engines usually came with Pre Drilled cranks due to its being the replacement for the 260 V8 Diesel with the 5 spd.