The Cars

The Car to the Right of me, is my pride and joy..1981 Pontiac Bonneville fully loaded 4 door brougham sedan..This motor has all the Updates..ARP Head Studs, Fel-Pro .010 thicker headgaskets, and a 19" flex-fan to name a few..Behind this engine sits a well working TH200 transmission, although I do have a Universal GM bellhousing non-vacume TH350 on standby..est economy city/highway....21/30 The car to the Left, is my project, 1980 Olds Cutlass Cruiser is unloaded, except for the A/C..the only power its got is the fully rebuilt motor! Done from the bottom up, everything machined to "like new" condition..Behind the Diesel sits a 2004r transmission..I can bark the tires and yank a stump with this wagon...est economy city/highway....23/32

The 350 Diesel Page

Here is The Man, The Maker of The 350 Diesel Page...Chris (which is myself)

Those of you who have wondered, "Who is Chris?"..well here I am..I have finally posted a Picture on my site for the whole world to see..You where probrably thinking some middle aged man right?.. Gotcha!..You can learn more about me by reading on and you'll also see what kind of guy I am outside The 350 Diesel Page..

A bit about Me

*Town of Birth: Rockledge, Florida* *Home Town: Key Largo, Florida* *Future Home Town: Anchorage, Alaska* *Hobbies: My Diesel Cars, Sitting around talking about cars..* *Favorite Tv Show: Talk shows like Jerry Springer!* *Favorite Movie: South Park* *Occupation: Car Removal Service* *Is my yard full of cars you ask?..The answer is: yes kind of.* *Is my house trashy?..The answer is: No..and neither is my yard..*

Im your typical Florida guy, what can I say?..

As a young boy, I always loved Diesels for some Odd reason..Loved the sound, and the smell..always wanted a Diesel truck..One day at an early age, I remember talking with my father (a former crotch rocket racer, as well as mechanic to any gas engine out there) about cars of the early 80's and the terrible economy they got and such..I belive I was about 13 maybe..but somehow or another I brought up the question "What about those big Diesel cars?" My dads responce was "oh that 5.7?, those where crap" and ever since that day, I was for some reason attracted to the 350 Diesel..although I used to see them and be like "look, a big Diesel car!" I remember Him talking to his friend in which he was replacing a 350 chevy engine in his dump truck, his friend mentioned putting a 6.2 Diesel in it..So since I was always there when hoods were opened, I said, "hey what about a 5.7?" eventhough he never owned one, he looked at me with a chuckle and said "Sh*t, you cant push nothing with a 5.7" so we all laughed..So I'd like to thank My Father, If it wasn't for him badmouthing them, and me being such a curious person, I may have never found out how good they really are and this webiste may not have ever existed, and you wouldn't be reading this right now, Thanks Dad.. I use to work in a local Diesel shop for a few hours a day after school a while back and sweep the floors... and every chance I got, I'd stop, and study the ones that where being serviced..a mechanic there would always quiz me on stuff and always ask me what I thought was wrong with it, The owners son had pulled a 350 Diesel out of a wrecked wagon once and sit it outside, I would look at it all the time, it was a early motor with pencil injectors, I would study that till my ride came to get me..and when I wasn't at work, I would be reading diesel repair manuals front to back, till there was no more.. but of coarse, like all after school jobs, it didn't last forever, but I learned a hell of a lot! first car was a 82 suburban, with a 6.2 Diesel that had thrown a rod, eventhough it didn't run, I still loved it, "I have a Diesel, it just needs work" I used to say to my freinds, which thought I was nuts, they where the gas engine guys..I was the only DieselHead in the group, although there was a Diesel Monte Carlo sporting around the school..I still have that truck today, but a 6.2 diesel is no longer the power, but there is a 5.7 Diesel on reserve..So one thing lead to another and I accidentally came across a Diesel car..Remembering how everyone would bad mouth the 350 Diesel I took it for a ride, and liked it I bought it. I was playing around on the Internet one night and accidentally came up with The 350 Diesel Page..which, I must say has been a learning experience for me as well..I have heard from tons of people and their experiences with the 350 Diesel from around the world.. some which report having 200K miles plus!, as well as their secrets, and tricks, which I have used myself as well as passed on to others..I know this Diesel in and out, and I know the tricks to keep them ticking, Its too bad there arent alot around anymore..and Its also too bad that the ones that did break, got replaced with a gas engine..A crappy gasket goes, and the whole good engine gets thrown away..what a shame..If everyone would have known then what I know now from my experiences and stories from others, I can bet there would be a bunch more Diesels in service today!..And thats what The 350 Diesel Page Is...its for other owners to learn what I know, as well as have some fun knowing that there is a bunch of us out there that still drive one, as well as hard to find parts etc..It is a good engine, it just requires some attention here and there..This is what makes The 350 Diesel Page what it is now, It offers about everything you need to know so you dont have to be in the dark, and you can feel competent looking at it yourself other than attempting to find a mechanic that will work on it..some wont even touch it..So I would Like to thank everyone out there for Their stories and everything..If it wasn't for you, The 350 Diesel Page wouldn't be as exciting as it is Today..In the future, I would like to have a membership plan, as well as a round-up of everyone and their Diesel Cars..kinda like a Diesel car carnaval..but that will come later on down the road..Although there probrably wont be thousands of people, I'd be just as happy with 15....