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Oldsmobile Diesel Technical Magazine

Welcome to a section of called, the The Oldsmobile Diesel Technical Magazine. What you are about to see may shock you. I can not prepare you any better for what you are about to see. If things like Oldsmobile Diesels being looked at and worked on in a very serious manner might affect you, then turn back now...But since Im sure that I have your attention, you may wish to continue...This IS your new repair manual.

**These areas are currently being refreshed and revised to better assist your needs**

Select your engine of choice below and prepare yourself for a whole new learning experience...

Go ahead...They dont bite, not yet anyways.

5.7 Litre Diesel V8
1978-1985, 350 Cubic Inches
4.3 Litre Diesel V8
1979-1980, 260 Cubic Inches, Available in Mid-Sized Olds Cars
4.3 Litre Diesel V6
1982-1985, 262 Cubic Inches, Available in Mid-Sized GM Cars..Including FWD
2.5 Litre Diesel V5
1983, Never placed into production, Bound for FWD cars

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