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What you are about to see may shock you. The information provided in the following pages contains material that may blow your mind. I can not prepare you any better for what you are about to see..If things like Oldsmobile Diesels being looked at and worked on in a very serious way might affect you, then turn back now...But since Im sure I've got your attention, you might want to continue

Welcome to a section of Olds-Diesel.com called, the The Oldsmobile Diesel Technical Magazine. Its basicly the same information as seen before this big change, just more organized, and divided into topics which should make it alot easier to find what your interested in. Olds-Diesel.com features all four..yes, four Oldsmobile Diesel engines . To start browsing through the magazine, first, click on one of the engines listed below, and prepare to see it like youve never seen it before..

Go ahead...They dont bite, not yet anyways.

5.7 Litre Diesel V8
1978-1985, 350 Cubic Inches
4.3 Litre Diesel V8
1979-1980, 260 Cubic Inches, Available in Mid-Sized Olds Cars
4.3 Litre Diesel V6
1982-1985, 262 Cubic Inches, Available in Mid-Sized GM Cars..Including FWD
2.5 Litre Diesel V5
1983, Never placed into production, Bound for FWD cars