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Head Studs

The use of head studs is common on all high performance gas engines. The performance engines that you will most likely find head studs are those running exotic gasses and/or high compression ratios , forced induction such as superchargers or turbos, and especially those having few head bolts per cylinder. Head studs are used when a stronger clamping force is needed to with stand a higher stress level. In this case, the 5.7L Diesel qualifies for head studs in every aspect...There are only 10 bolts per head, the engine runs a high compression ratio of 22.5:1, and the stock bolts cant with stand the stresses of operation. It is wise to go with head studs made of high quality, superior strength metals. ARP for example produces a head stud kit for the 5.7L Diesel..the studs, bolts, and washers are of aerospace steel..the threads are also rolled and not cut. Unlike the stock head bolts, the aerospace quality studs will not break or stretch. They will however hold a true torque to the cylinder head through out the engines service.

Installing the studs before the head is advised from the manufacturer, meaning, with the engine removed from the vehicle. You will not be able to get the passenger side head over the studs...since the AC/Heater stuff is on the firewall. In the event that the engine is a conversion into a vehicle with a big engine compartment, this wont create such a problem.

This is the wisest investment you can make on the 5.7 Diesel. Even though it will set you back about $115, you wont save much on a new set of OEM bolts. Plus, you’ll have all the strength you need.