The 350 Diesel Injection Pump Wrench

As Some of you might have noticed or learned....a regular wrench will NOT at all help you to loosen the two lower retaining nuts to either adjust or remove the injection pump...because 1) The Intake is in the way and 2) you cant get the wrench around the heres what you do....

You ORDER one

The Chances of you finding one in a autoparts store is like heres how to order one: Call Kent-Moore at 1-800-345-2233. The Part Number is J26987. The Cost is About $65.00 plus tax(as always) and about a $5.00 shipping cost depending on where you comes from about it...So the total Cost of the Lovely Wrench you will use for 5 Minutes (but you will always have) Will run you around $70.00 easily!..thats pretty steep!...Or you can take the other alternative...........Listed Below

You Buy A Wrench That Will work

You can MAKE ONE out of a regular 9/16 Wrench!...with a little grinding and can make one of your own for under $5.00... 1) Grind away the area that HITS the INTAKE MANIFOLD... When I get more info and a pic I will POST them ASAP!!! OR..... If You buy a 9/16 wrench with a skinny handle (skinny in width not thickness) and a thin walled closed end..then it will work! dont get much of a turn but it will grip and loosen and even tighten..I got mine single at a local auto parts store for $1...sure beats $65! Look At the top to see the "make it yourself version" It basically shows you how to make it!

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