Black Smoke

   Black Smoke:
   *This is the MOST common 
   *Normal when towing heavy loads
   *Any Thing that either increases fuel or reduces air into the cylinder will cause black smoke
   The most common causes of Black Smoke are:
   *Air into injection pump
   *Advanced Injection Pump Timing
   *Gasoline in the lines
   *Clogged Fuel return lines
   *Injectors stuck open or have a low opening pressure
   *Restricted Air intake
   *Fuel Pump pressure low
   *EGR stuck open (Black Smoke at full throttle)
   *Restricted Exhaust
   *Compresion Low
   *Missing smoke when warm and white when cold

White Smoke

   White Smoke:
   *Normal when engine is cold
   *White smoke is caused by:
   *Compression Loss
   *Fuel Return Restricted
   *Thermostat missing or stuck open
   *Retarded Injection Pump Timing(not advanced)

Blue Smoke..Your Introuble!

   *Blue Smoke means...oil is burning in the cylinders
   *Here are causes of Blue Smoke..from least to worst case
   *Wrong Dipstick(which means you have too much oil in there)
   *Oil level too high
   *Bad Crankcase vent
   *Fuel in oil
   *Valve seals or guides bad
   *Broken, Worn, or Stuck Piston Rings
   *Damaged or worn cylinder walls
   *Cracked Pistons

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