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The registration form has two parts, and is available right here on the website. Simply click on the links below and Print out each page. You can have them filled out in minutes! Then, throw them in a stamped envelope along with your registration fee (Check or Money Order) made payable to whom you are sending them in to. If you are sending them in to Dave Little, then make it out to him. If you are sending them in to Myself (Chris), then make it out to me. It works one way or the other. This fee covers your lodging for the entire event, and Dinner on Saturday, as explained in the info package. If you have not seen the info package and want to, click on my E-Mail address at the bottom of this page. I can send them to you Via E-Mail, as an attached file. The information package explains what to expect at the Olds Diesel Rally. The Registration Fee for the rally is $50.00 (US Dollars). Left over funds will be added up, and returned equally to all registered owners at the end of the event. The two links for the two part registration form immidiatly follows this message. Just CLICK, PRINT, and MAIL! Hope to have you clattering with us in September!

Registration - Part 1
Registration - Part 2

Please remember that BOTH forms are needed to complete registration!

If you have any questions about the registration forms,

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