The 5.7Litre 350 Cubic Inch Small Block Oldsmobile


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The 350 Diesel Page

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Whats The 350 Diesel Page About??

The 350 Diesel Page is a website privatly designed and run out of a small town in the Florida Keys, USA by a Diesel Pontiac and Diesel Olds owner that realized that there was a website for every engine exept the 350 Diesel...this engine was the first American Diesel Used in Production Cars and Pickups...This site has very usefull information as well as PARTS sources for generally every part used in the 350 Diesel..has pics and troubleshooting tips and proper Maintenence..even has some 350 Diesel "Music"...The 350 Diesel Page is for anyone from Owners to former Owners to wanna be Owners and never will be Owners but curious...It Gives you a whole different look on these engines that went out so quickly...The 350 Diesel Page Is Seen WORLD WIDE!...Definatly useful if you have got one of these Beasts!

The 350 Diesel Page