Safe Acceleration

Accelerating from a stop is Important and can save your engine if done in a proper manner, I personally dont think having the pedal on the floor makes much difference in take off speed than putting it half to the floor its just a way to use more fuel and create more smoke and possibly help eat a gasket!..below are the shift points in which I accelerate at, they seem pretty fair..

1st : 0mph 2nd : 20mph 3rd : 35mph OD : 38mph (using a 3spd w/OD TH-200 Transmission) From a stop, I push the pedal about an inch or so and just leave it there till I hit my speed then I let off to where ever..The reason why I think this is good is because it pushes the engine up to its peak torque point at about 1600rpm and thats also where the best economy is.

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