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Connecting Rods

When replacing the connecting rod bushings, you may run into a problem if you dont specify the year! The connecting rod bushing bores where different sizes..meaning, there are two different rod bushings.. Engines 1978 through 1982 have 1.050" bushing bore. The 1983-85 motors have a 1.011". The Wrist Pins are all the same 1.095" Diameter, however it is the outer diameter of the rod bushing that is different. Just be sure to order for the correct year to avoid dead ends when building.. I have also been told, The wrist pins from 1978 to 1985 are all the same 1.095. In 1983 they went to a steel backed bushing. 1.200 dia. Which eliminated the bushings from turning. To use this bushing in the 78 to 82 rod you have to bore the rod.