Greater North East Oldsmobile Diesel Rally 04'

The FIRST EVER Oldsmobile Diesel Rally in Wheeling, WV has come and gone. As conditions had it, many of us, myself included, were not fortunate enough to be able to make it to this gathering of clattering Diesels. Ironic as it was, as the South East (US) was getting plastered by hurricanes every weekend for almost a month and a half, mother nature threw it to Wheeling that weekend, bringing disasterous results to the area. Flooding, tornados, flooded roads, broken water lines, and power outages. But the show still went on! There are several people/organizations that kept their role, even in this state of emergency, to keep the Olds Diesel rally alive...rain or snow (or offspring hurricane storms)! With out them, there would have NEVER been an Olds Diesel Rally. So, on my behalf, I would like to thank the following for their gratitude, and their determination to make the FIRST EVER Olds Diesel rally a reality. Their dedication to the Olds Diesel cause shall be remembered always.


Wheeling Park Commission- Parking lot for public Viewing.

Century Equities Inc.- Co-sponsorship of Rally;  Provided us with insurance coverage.

Kiwanis Club of Wheeling- providing facility for our use.

Deke Stein- Facilities coordinator, going the extra mile to set things up with the organizations listed above.

Dave Little- The "Inventor" of the regional rally, leading the North East Region with full determination.

Christin Stein- Volunteering her time writing letters, and making phone calls on "our" behalf.


On behalf of,







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