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Quick fuel system prime...
the crazy version

In the event that the fuel system has run dry, Glow Plugs dont work, or the engine has been apart and has no fuel in the system, this trick will start the engine..even with out glow plugs.. First, get a small shop rag, poke it over the air filter studs on the crossover. Fold the rag as necessary so that the ends of the rag arenít long enough to reach the valves..once you have the rag to the right size, remove it from the studs and fold it evenly to that length. Soak the rag with gasoline so that it could be squeezed out...not soaked and dripping. Poke the rag over the studs and be sure that all the edges arenít "loose". Turn the engine over...double check to be sure no ends are loose..the rag will get sucked into the intake and the air filter studs that are poked through will hold it in place. The engine will start..making loud knocking noises...this is in fact the engine running off the gasoline vapors from the rag. By doing this a couple times, it should be enough for the engine to prime itself up. When the engine starts smoothing out and running on its own, shut it off and remove the rag..you are running.

Never for any reason pour gasoline directly into the intake, although it will start the engine, it can also backfire like you've never seen before...It will sound like a bomb, and will start a fire.
**The above is written from personal experience! I had one shoot a huge flame high enough to set the Insulation on the hood on fire.. Accidentally poured too much gas down there while turning it over...those where the crazy days.