Oldsmobile Diesel Technical Magazine

5.7 Litre Diesel V8
4.3 Litre Diesel V8
4.3 Litre Diesel V6
2.5 Litre Diesel V5

Head Studs/Main Studs
Eliminate opportunities for over stretching bolts leading to engine failure...Highly Recommended
Oil Pump Shafts
Solid, Sturdy Oil Pump Shafts...They even look tougher!
O-Ring'd Cylinders
A serious performance option..18 gauge wire..machined around each cylinder
Port and Polished Cylinder Heads
Porting and polishing will add some percentage to your power output..
Copper Head Gaskets
Another serious performance option, solid copper head gaskets require surface perfection..
Roller Rocker Arms
New Developments make this modification a little more "do-able"... Has a bolt on kit finally arrived?? Updated: 4-05-06
Fuel System
Custom Fuel settings can bring as much as a 90% increase in power.
Valve Train
The use of performance camshafts and pushrods
Exhaust System
The use of dual exhaust systems and headers
Turbo Charging
The use of turbo chargers
Twin Turbo Charging
The use of two turbo chargers
Exotic Gasses
The use of propane, Nitrous Oxide.
Alternative Fuel
The use of BIO-Diesel, and Vegetable Oils as fuel.

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