High   Performance   350   Diesel

This Beast of a 5.7 is gonna be the new power for my 81' Bonneville..Those 
early 6.2's and 6.9's better pay attention I 

have no doubt it will keep up! My Self built 
"High Performance" 350 Diesel will consist of the following...

All New Internals..

Completly Blue Printed
Block Dipped and Bored .030
Stainless O ring'd Cylinders
Only Top quality Rings, Bearings, etc..
High Volume Oil Pump
.030 over Pistons
Copper Head Gaskets sealed with 1200F Copper Paint
ARP Head Studs
K&N Air Filter
Timing +1 degree
Dual 2.5" Mandrell Bent Exhaust with H Pipe
Flowmaster 50 Series Mufflers
Flex Fan 19"..non-clutch
Complete Chrome engine dress up kit

Project Deadline: 12-12-99

To Find any of the Parts Listed, 
Check the parts section for an update..