Stock Performance

Plain and simple:
0-60...around 19 seconds
Just because its Diesel doesn't mean it can pull 15 ships and a motorhome, the car is set up for fuel economy and long distance luxury cruising, therefore has a low rear axle ratio and a NON-HEAVY DUTY transmission...entering a 350 Diesel powered car in a Tractor-Pull competition is not advisable!....The 350 Diesel powered Pickup truck on the other hand is geared properly for towing.
Peeling Out:
For all the Young Owners of 350 Diesel Cars out there, if you totally, honestly need to actually know this...
The 350 Diesel cars will not peel out on plain dry gravel street, unless you neutra-slam it....this is a good way to surprise your friends, and your wallet after you shred your tranny to peices...its not worth it, if you do try this, Dont say i didn't warn you!!!
now sand, wet pavement, loose gravel, dirt roads, ice, any surface non-concreted to the will find yourself peeling out accidentally in this stuff, it happens with the touch of the accelerator while in 1st gear, sometimes you cant help it, it wont hurt anything...a second of it is normal..not five or six, or ten (example: going 5 MPH, then flooring it around a dirt road corner).. take it easy...its not a race car. Keep in mind, its almost 20 years old

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