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Justin Thompson's 98 Regency
Wayne Penno's Eldorado

Larry M's El Camino

Attention Olds Diesel Owners!

If you would like to show off that Diesel, simply email me with Your Name, Location, Pictures (may or may not use more than one), a brief description, and or story (optional). This could also be a good way to possibly find other owners in your general area! After Emailing me your info. be patient, as I do have a schedule outside the world of Olds Diesels (unfortunatly), which can become very hectic and time consuming during certain times, so your article will be posted for everyone's entertainment as soon as possible! If you are the owner of an Olds Diesel conversion vehicle, or other type of Olds Diesel powered machinery (generators, pumps, etc..), you may want to check out the section on Conversions! Myself and others would love to hear your story! Lets List away folks...
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