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Owner: Wayne Penno
Location: British Columbia, Canada

Here are a few pix of my 79 Caddy Eldorado. It has an 83 GM Goodwrench Rebuild DX under the hood. When I bought the car it ran very rough and the previous owner had been assured by his friends that he had to replace the engine with a gasser as this was the only way to ensure it would run reliably. The car had 116k miles on it then. I told him he might be right and that I would gladly take the car off of his hands for less than the price of the swap. He agreed and the deal was done. It turned out the governer ring was gone in the pump so I had a rebuilt installed for about $1000 CDN. The car has run like a top for the last 10 years I have owned it and it now has 230k miles on it. This winter I will replace the tranny and install a new timing chain and sprockets..not bad for the 115k miles I put on her, a new car would have cost me more.