As A 350 Diesel Car Owner, These are some of many things I've heard from people as they hear my Diesel Run...You may have heard the same things!

Some Guy In a Parking Lot says:
-"Wow, Your car sounds like a big truck!..what is it Diesel or something?"
My Reply:
-"I dont know...Go smell the exhaust and then let me know what you think...Yes Of coarse its Diesel!"

A Taco Bell Drive Through employee says:
-"Dude, you need to tune up your car, It sounds like Sh*t!"
My Reply:
-"Oh really?..I thought all Diesels sounded this way!"

A Guy In a Park coming to watch the sunset says:
-"Your Low on Oil..its clattering a bit"
My Reply:
-"No, Its Diesel"
The guy says back to me:
-"Get Outta here..Diesel? way!"
My Reply:
-"Oh sorry..your right..I wonder why it sounds like one and sayes it all over the car then..."
His Comeback:
-"Oh............Then It sounds Damn Good!"

A Gas Station Attendant Yells out to me over the Intercom:
-"STOP!..Thats Diesel your putting in there!"
My Reply:
-"I know..Thats what it sayes on the dash and fuel cap..and I aint got no spark plugs so....I know"

A Checkers Drive Through employee says at the window:
-"Is This a Diesel Car?"
My Reply:
-"Yep..from what I know"
His Come Back:
-"Ok cause I thought I was hearing things..I hear a Big Truck and see a Big car instead"

A Employee for a Miami Subs Drive through says:
-"That thing must move with that Powerstroke in it!"
My Reply:
-"Powerstroke?....Nope..just a little old 350 in here"

A Guy Tells Me to shut off my Diesel and threatens to pull out the spark plug wires!
My Reply:
-"Go For It..Pull Them Spark Plug Wires right out!"
He Felt real idiotic when he realized it had none...
I Replyed:
-" learn something new everyday!"

If You Have any "Stupid Remark" stories
Then send them to me..I will Post them!

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