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Thank you for taking a few moments to scan through this quick servey. Whether your an owner or a curious enthusiest, this is it.. you've come to the right place. Dont forget to check out the message board, signing up is free..with in minutes, youll be able to post questions, comments, stories, etc.. for other world wide Olds Diesel people to view and comment on.
As an owner, you feel "on your own" in your one has one, no one wants to work on one, no one can find any parts for one, and you find that no one has anything good to say about them. Take a deep wont find any ..put a gas engine in it attitudes around here. Only real information that actually pertains to Olds Diesels!

As a curious enthusiest, your not sure what to think, but you ended up here. If you dont own one, and/or dont care to..but just want info. because you want it or are just a bored gear head, then here you are.

As someone whos curious about owning one, whether its one you see for sale in your area, or one that your hoping to find here or elsewhere, there is a reason why you want it. You can never seem to get any real info from hear bad things, but something tells you otherwise. Here you need correct, realistic information on these engines in order to know if these power plants are for you!

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It "came with the car"  

What brought you to the site?

Looking for parts  
Looking for information  
Stumbled upon it by accident  

What is your "status" with the Olds Diesels?

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Just Browzing...
New Owner
Former Owner  
Just working on someone elses  
Thinking about owning one  

Owners Section

What made you decide on owning an Olds Diesel?

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Not an owner...
Bought it for the vehicle..engine didnt matter  
Because It was Diesel
Advertised Fuel Economy  
It seemed interesting  
It was Free/Inheritance/Gift  
It was just too cheap to pass up  
Just needed ANYTHING to was there.. 

As an Owner, how would you rate yourself?

Not an Owner  
Its just another car that I own  
I keep it maintained  
Hardcore (Example: "I'll NEVER let it Die!")  

Who services your engine?

Nobody, I just drive it.  
The cheapest shop that I can find  
My personal Mechanic  
Anyone who is willing to work on it  
I do sometimes  
> Anyone who is willing to work on it  
No one touches it but me! 

Would you be interested in some type of Olds Diesel gathering, rally or car show?


Would you be interested in Hearing from other owners in your area (if any)?


In the event of a Rally, or other interesting information, If you could not be contacted through E-mail, would you like to recieve the information in the mail?

**Please note that I will NOT give out any of your information to anyone other then owners in your area, if that is what you choose. Even in this case, I will only give out the Email adress listed above, and NEVER a mailing adress. A Mailing adress will only be used by myself in the event that there is a rally, or other interesting Olds Diesel news, and also to compare locations to the benifit of each owner if that is what you choose. The purpose here is to bring owners together, in order to enjoy their Olds Diesel to its fullest!**

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