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Welcome To Olds-Diesel.com,
Also known as, The 350 Diesel Page..

I'm Chris, the Web Master of this fairly large site dedicated entirely to the Infamous Oldsmobile Diesel Engines manufactured by the Oldsmobile Division of General Motors From 1978-1985..Inside, youll find Everything From maintaining the motor to trouble shooting..But wait..theres also a whole lot More...Inside, youll also find Every Part that makes this engine run..Parts are no longer hard to find..I have found them all for you!..All parts are of top quality and priced right..and even better..are readily available!..High Performance Parts you ask?..Yes! those too..But wait!..Theres even More!..But I wont tell you here...Ill let you see for yourself..So sit back and prepare to see a whole new side of this Engine..If you have one, you will like it even more, and If you dont have one, dont be surprised if you find yourself looking for one..and if your one of the ones who completly despise the engine, I wouldnt be surprised if you changed your mind..And of course..thank you for Visiting Olds-Diesel.com..Your Ultimate Source For The 21st Century.

Introducing the all new Olds-Diesel.com......New Name, Same info, More Organized......From the every day driver to the serious engine builder, Olds-Diesel.com......For all your Oldsmobile Diesel needs...... Assisting the Oldsmobile Diesel Enthusiast Since 1998

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From Gaskets to Rebuild Kits, OEM to Heavy Duty / Performance Aftermarket. Top Quality Parts are ready when you are!
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Owners Vehicles and Stories
Show off that Diesel, from clunkers to show room peices..If its Olds Diesel, it belongs right here!
Interesting Conversions
"Why..it looks like..No, no...It cant be..An Oldsmobile Diesel??..." You might be suprised at what you find these engines doing in here
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