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Shift Points added
More Troubleshooting


Boost Your Performance added


1985 Jeep Cherokee 5.7L Diesel conversion article added!!


Diesel magazine articles....ADDED!

My Diesel Oldsmobile....ADDED
350 Diesel Injection Pump Wrench....ADDED
Meet the Cars....updated


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A new background for the main selection page


Larry, Another Designer For The 350 Diesel Page (besides myself) joins me to help keep the page in order and at the moments BEST!!...
Meet The Cars section Updated..more car pics!!!


Think You Have A Blown Headgasket section added


Work On Your Own Engine...Added
Get Some 350 Diesel Stuff!...added


Fathers Birthday...No Updates


* CDNow! site added
* The "Tell Me What You Think Section Added


****No updates cause It was my Mom's B-Day!, Had to set everything aside.****


* All New, More Organized Parts Layout List
* Troubleshooting Section Updated
* Its Cousin section added

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