1981 Pontiac Bonneville 350 Diesel

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1981 Pontiac Bonneville 5.7L Diesel Brougham
VIN # 1G2AR69N9BX115965
WEIGHT: 3580
Power Windows
Power Door Locks
Power Seats
Power Steering
Original Delco 8 Track Player, 4 channel
All origional, spoked wheels
Tires: P215 75R15
0-60: 19 Seconds
Single 2 1/2" Exhaust

Future Modifications include:
Oil Pressure Guage
Water Temperature Guage
Everything else to reamin stock...just dont trust the idiot lights
oh..and maybe a CD Changer and some Infinity Speakers for the front and rear

How Aquired:
Saw In a Auto Trader I was Looking at for actually no reason...saw it and fell in love with the cars Black and White Picture...went and saw it the next week and drove it..It started right up after sitting for months in a small town junk yard down a mile long orange clay road in Orlando Florida. Sat there and clattered away ever so smoothly as I inspected it sitting under a big shaded tree. The car is beautiful and everyone admires it all the time..sometimes it gets mistaken for a bad untuned gas engine running low on oil..but its not..Its a very beautiful Diesel car that glistens in the sun and moonlight.

Check out the window sticker!:

Recent Additions

* 5/22/98
Pair of Infinity Reference 2-way 4x6 speaker plates with a 4" woofer and a 1" tweeter installed in front dash
* 5/24/98
2 1/2" Chrome Exhaust Tip
* 5/25/98
Custom License Plate Cover Reading (Top)



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