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The Idea
The Story
Reason For Production
What the Real Problems where
The Other V8
Past Availability
Old Magzine Articles

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Proper Shift Points

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5.7 Diesel Parts By Mail Order!
Used Parts

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Engine Specs
Oil Pump Shafts
Cylinder Heads
Rocker Arm Bridges
Head Bolts

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Copper Head Gaskets
O-Ringing the Block
Main Bolts
Injection Pumps

-Helpful Hints-

Work On Your Own Engine
Injection Pump Wrench
Blown Head Gasket? Get your second opinion here
Replacing Your Head Gaskets?
How to make your Diesel Bullet Proof!
The Cheapest way to a Bullet Proof Diesel


Stock Performance
Boost your Performance!
Seems Crazy, But Possible!
Manual Transmission?

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My Diesel Pontiac
My Diesel Oldsmobile
My Diesel Monte Carlo
A Stump Puller?
The 350 Diesel Project
A little bit about myself

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350 Diesel Owners World Wide
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5.7L Diesel in 1985 Jeep Cherokee

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