What do the girls say?

Ok, Lets face it, Driving a Diesel can come with some down falls depending..In this case, lets talk about women.. Most of us men LOVE our Diesel cars..or trucks depending on what you have. Its who we are..we are "that guy who has that Big Diesel Thing that wakes us up when it goes up the road every morning" And some of our cars are pretty classy and nice..Everything benifits, The couch-like seats, the HUGE back seat or cargo space (if you have a wagon), The nice sound system, the freezing cold A/C you have to turn off after 5 minutes, The smooth Air ride, The quiet engine...Wait, back up..what quiet engine?..Our engines are pretty loud compared to gas versions. This could be a turn off to some, and Im sure you have all experienced this at least once depending on how long youve had the Diesel..Unlike the new Diesels of today, our older engines have no catlyst..meaning, that exhaust is gonna surround that area and give you the full "truck stop" effect! This might not be cool to some, seeing some how I dont have the slightest Idea why, but Diesel exhaust Is nausiating to some (I like it myself)..And In most cases, you cant explain the reason why you like the Diesel so much because it just dont work..So Im asking all of you readers, What reactions do you get from women about your Diesel car? Send Me Email Titled "350 Diesels" along with your story, and I'll post It below! And if you are a women reading this and an owner of a Diesel yourself , More Power To You!..My Little story will start it off below..Hey, we gotta have some fun with these cars!

Heres My story...
Owner: 2 350 Diesel Cars...

-I knew a girl once that could not stand the smell of Diesel exhaust 

from the car, "Your car smells bad!"..So Id always tell her that shes 

gonna have to breath it in sometime, cause she aint gonna get nothin 

by holding her breath..It would always end in laughs though..

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