JC Whitney Automotive:

JC Whitney's Engine Dress Up Kit For The 350 Diesel

According to the description, This 29 piece Chrome Plated Dress Up Kit Also Fits Olds Gas Engines (Some Of The Parts Included are not needed On The Diesel)...The Kit Includes the Following:

2 Low rise steel valve covers

14" Diamater Air Cleaner

2 wire loom brackets (for Gas Engine)

Pull apart Wing Bolts

Dipstick and Tube

Oil breather cap (for Gas Engine)

Vaccume Advance Cover (For Gas Engine)

Power Steering Cap Cover

The Part # is t38YA9556Y.......$79.95

Smaller Dress Up Kit

Same as above except No chrome air cleaner, Dipstick, Vaccume Advance, or Power steering Cap

Part # t38YA1449U.......$48.95

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