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Running into other Olds Diesel owners in not a common occurrence and when questions arise, it doesnt take long to realize that you are all alone. Most text books will not help you, and most mechanics in this day may not even realize that these engines even exist. This indeed can be very frustrating, and is actually a big part of what led so many owners to give up on their vehicles in the past.

Long before the Social Networking boom, made this possible with the creation of The Message Board. Having the opportunity to talk to other owners/enthusiasts isn't only interesting, but can be extremely helpful in your quest for knowledge. The Message Board has been online since 1998, providing you with well over a Decades worth of documented real world experience, with Senior members boasting nearly 100 years of combined Oldsmobile Diesel Experience. The Message Board is Free to join, and will notify you by e-mail each time someone has replied to your message with a direct link to that message.

Here is a live look at what is going on in The Message Board right now!

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