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If speaking with other Oldsmobile Diesel owners interests you, then your on the right page. The website is no longer the boundry line for Oldsmobile Diesel info. Running into another Oldsmobile Diesel owner is not an every day occasion, but all that can change..Read on to learn more about Olds Diesel interaction, Always Free!

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Are you a dedicated owner? Ever wonder if there are other owners in your area? Want to hear their story? There are others who are wondering the same thing about you! Maybe you are someone who is borrowing a friends internet access, because you dont have it yourself. Dont feel excluded. Dont miss out on important information and events that you deserve to know about! Take a few moments to fill out the survey and get yourself listed today! Heres how it works..You submit your information, and, if interested, your location is compared with others on the list. When other owners turn up in your general area, you are notified by E-Mail with the other owners E-Mail adress..after that, its up to you. Share tips, swap parts, build engines, its a land of opportunity! Meet other owners in your area now! More details inside....

Those who have been long term readers to this point, and have taken the Old Survey at some point in time, please take a few moments to fill out this new one, so that you too, can be put on the list!

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Having a problem? Have a Question? Just want to talk about your ride? You must get in on the message board! Although it takes a few moments to sign up, its absolutly free, the way information should be! So sign up, and post away!
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