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5.7L Diesel Intake Manifolds

Intake manifolds used on engines 78-80, 81 Truck with external EGR (1 stud air cleaner) will interchange with all external EGR engines no matter what injectors are used...Intake manifolds used on internal EGR engines (two stud air cleaner) will interchange with all internal EGR engines, except for the fact that engines used in 84-85 cars dont have the drilled hole for the thermal glow plug controller, and glow plug temp. sensor used on 81-83 cars...Therefor, installing a 84-85 Intake on a engine in a car operating with the origional glow plug system would not allow the controller and sensor to be installed...81-83 intakes on engines in 84-85 cars would work as long as the controller hole is plugged...Just something to keep in mind.