THe 350 Diesel Page

Things That Will Give You MORE H.P. and Torque

*A second Air intake duct run to the other side of the radiator

*A free Flowing air Filter like a "drop in" K&N

*Dual exhaust with a pair of Good "industrial" Mufflers

*Advance the timing 3 degrees over stock (about 3 line widths left) *****Warning!!! do not advance the pump more then 3 line widths over stock!...damage will occur over a blown headgasket or broken bolt!*****

*Having the Injection Pump rebuilt and "turned up"

*Cheching and replacing any bad injectors (engine will still seem to run good with bad injectors)

Doing this will definatly get you more noticable power, however the engine will be LOUDER and have a bit of Black smoke upon may get better economy depending on driving habbits and will definatly help if the engine is used to tow trailers etc...

The 350 Diesel Runs Better With:

* Good, Clean Fuel with a cetain rating of around 45 but not less then 42...Fuel up where the Diesel Pumps are constantly truck stops! This will avoid paying for slug of water in the tank which will kill the injection pump!

* I use "marvel mystery oil" added to the Diesel Fuel at fill up according to measurment on can...since the available "legal" Diesel Fuel is low sulfer which is good for the fuel system, The additive helps lubricate the injection pump and clean the Injectors..better economy is noticed also as well as performance

* Cold air....eventhough you cant help the weather, it runs better with cold air (after warmed up) because there is more molecules in cold air which provides stronger combustion

Things that will not give you more power...belive it or not

* taking off the Air Silencer

* taking off the Air Silencer and hose

* taking off the Exhaust

* running strait exhaust manifolds

* advancing the injection pump all the way (like an idiot)

* adding gas to the Diesel Fuel