Diagnosing the Common Problem

If for some reason you think that your engine has a blown head gasket here is a definate way to tell...besides the heater not working...and loss of coolant..and maybe some visable smoke..thats not black heres what you do * Let the engine cool down all the way * Make sure the radiator is full of coolant * With the engine COLD, start the engine with the cap off the radiator * If It Boils over...I'm sorry to say..you have one of two things, a blown head gasket(If your lucky)....and, or a Cracked Head. The Procedure to figure out which head gasket is blown or which head is cracked is below * Remove the thermostat housing and the thermostat......BE SURE THE ENGINE IS COLD!!! * Be sure coolant is visable in the engine..if not fill it to the top (with thermostat housing off) * Disconnect ALL drive belts..Or everything is getting soaked! * Start the engine COLD..It will Bubble out the side where the problem is

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