The Garage

Welcome to my Garage...Dont trip! Most importantly, dont knock over any cylinder heads, or any injection pumps off the shelves, youll bend the lines!

This page is all about my stuff. My project vehicles, and engines. As you may already know, this website is all about Oldsmobile Diesel Power, however, I appreciate all Diesels, and own several "off brands".

I have this little problem...The problem is, that when I come across an older Diesel vehicle in my surrounding area that is not running, or is at the right price, I buy it. I add it to the collection of Diesel vehicles, which I have accumulated over the years. Ive definatly got a Diesel for every day of the week, and for every purpose...But these are not new, they are all around 20 years old. My newest vehicle, which I recently aquired, is an 86' Cutlass Supreme.

There is nothing I can do about the Engine collecting though...You can never have enough Olds Diesel engines and parts sitting around...Hey, they'll find a home in something one day!

Youve got to have a Diesel truck to go around and collect spare engines and cars.
Youve got to have a Diesel Car for cruising around town.
Youve got to have a Diesel Car for Riding in style.
Youve got to have a Diesel Suburban to drive the whole family to events in.
Youve got to have a Diesel Car that gets insane Fuel economy.
Youve got to have a Diesel Car that runs on unthinkable Fuels.
Youve got to have Diesel engines and vehicles to tinker around with in your spare time
And, Most importantly, Youve got to have a Diesel car that will seriously stomp a gas car in the 0-60.

As you can see, its very crazy...This whole Diesel vehicle thing. But hey, what good is it to sit and watch TV in your spare time. Nothing is ever on, and it doesnt make for good conversation. Might as well build Diesel vehicles, and talk with everyone else here, who likes to do the same...Diesel power makes sence, and it is senceless to go any other way. All of the Friends and Family members, who thought they where hardcore Gassers, have changed their mind, and although they still own their gas powered hot rods, you catch them saying..."I would like to get a Diesel powered car or truck to run around in." Thats the beginning stage....we all know that. Its only a matter of time, before the Diesel fills their veins..Hahaha!

Keep it Clattering...Real engines make noise!

So anyway, here is what I have going on...

And seriously...Dont trip over the can ruin them!

Oldsmobile Diesel powered vehicles

1981 Pontiac Bonneville
The Ultimate Cruiser...
1980 Oldsmobile Cutlass Cruiser
Needs more work then anything I have ever seen, but the potential is there...
1986 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme
The Gas to Diesel conversion project...

Other Diesel powered vehicles

1985 Chevy C30 Custom Delux Crewcab
1981 VW Rabbit; Main