4.3L V6**, 5.7L V8 Diesel EGR Block Off Plates Available!

Can you imagine trying to work out, while breathing ONLY through one of those little red coffee stirring straws??...I think not! That is what comes to mind when removing the air filter assembly from the Olds Diesels with internal EGR valves. They practically poke you in the eye, the second they are seen...once you get your sight back, it is easily noticed that it is obtructing air flow through the crossover. You think about what to do about it...Sure, you can fabricate one using a jigsaw with metal blade, and good old sheet metal scrap. I have also thought about how much easier it would be just to buy one that is ready to install...Unfortunatly, there are no aftermarket parts of this nature available for the Olds Diesels...Untill now!

EGR Block Off Plates are now available for the 4.3L V6** and 5.7L V8 Olds Diesel engines with Internal EGR. The plate's dimensions have been programmed into a machine, making each plate perfect, and matching. It is NOT a plate cut using any hand tools. The 6061 Aluminum plate is 3/8" thick and the holes are threaded..so there will be no nuts or bolts accidentally falling out, or down the intake. Included, is a new EGR Gasket, and two new bolts. Crossover gaskets are NOT included (most times you can reuse them with no problems). It arrives ready with everything needed for installation. It is IMPORTANT to specify 4.3L** or 5.7L, as the bolt lengths differ between the two engines. The first production run of these plates have been produced in limited quantities, there is no telling when they may be run through another time, if they are a desirable item, then they will...Support the beginning of the Olds Diesel Aftermarket...Get yours today...You'll be impressed. Intended for Off-Road Use Only!

** The 4.3L V6 crossover for the 1982 model year have the EGR valve located inside the plenum. The Plate WILL FIT 82 V6 Crossovers...1983-84 4.3L V6 Diesels have the same EGR valve, but it actually hangs over the rear of the plenum...on these, you cannot lift the air filter assembly off with out "going around" the EGR valve. This plate WILL NOT FIT ON 83-84 V6 Diesel Crossovers.It will not fit on 85 V6 Diesels because these have external EGR valves. And of course, it will not fit on 78-80 V8 Diesels because these also have External EGR valves. E-Mail me with any questions.

V6/V8 Olds Diesel EGR Block Off Plate, with EGR gasket and fasteners
Price: $20.00(US)plus shipping
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This plate is VERY well made...I think it beats the quality of other block off plates available from aftermarket companies for different applications! Designed for maximum air flow. Low profile, extremely durable...After installing it on my 82 Buick Regal with 4.3L V6 and TH200C, Aftermarket rims with 215/75/15 tires, I noticed a bit of extra kick all around. Off the line, it would now bring a little chirp from the larger tires, where as before, it did not! At higher speeds, you can FEEL the engine respond even above 60 MPH. This is the only aftermarket modification done to this original motor, with 118k miles. It would make sence that power gains would be higher if the engine had a suitable exhaust system. Its a DIESEL...LET IT BREATHE!

-Chris Richert