1979 Chevy Beauville Sprotsvan, 5.7 Diesel
By Pekka Siltala

My name is Pekka Siltala from Finland. Been vanning-oriented since -96, when I bought my '79 Chevrolet Beauville Sportvan. Export-model, with km-odometer etc. Someone converted it to diesel (350 DX) -95. First year I spend time with the van, grease in my hands. Heavily! -head gaskets.... -Roosa Master........ -gear box........ (now TH700, '91) -etc..... Since then, when I got familiar with her ways, we have been lucky! Made sliding door to go UP, took backdoor's away (hatch is going UP too...), bumber's are stainless steel, aluminium running boards, parquette floor, bed, sofa, video, fridge etc........ We have done lot of trips with van all around Europe (10-11 countries roundtrip), I'm driving with it to work about 180 day's per year + all the summer trips. Lot's of van-meetings here in Finland during summer, so it means LOT of miles! And in winter, -30 C (-22 F), engine pre-heating is quite important! And good motor-oil, naturally! So all 350 fans/users, LET THAT SMOKE ROLL!! Sorry, that is only in Finnish, but the pics speaks language that everyone understands!!