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1985 Chevrolet Custom Deluxe Crewcab

Drivetrain: 6.2L Diesel N/A, TH400, 4.10 1 ton rear end.
Milage: Over 360,000 Miles on origional engine and transmission.
The Good Stuff: Worked Injection Pump, 2300psi Injectors (1900psi stock).
History:Formerly an Illinois D.O.T. truck, and undercoated thank god, this damn thing is solid as hell, has plenty of room for even almost 8 people, and will pull a stock 6.2L around like a dead dog thanks to fuel system mod's. Underneath, theres Dual 2.5" exhaust to two 40 series Flowmaster Mufflers..Have you ever heard a Diesel with dual flow masters, its a deep even tone Big Blocks wish they could produce. Its got a mean look, sound and plenty of pull. From a dead stop, the motor seems to have no problem breaking the 285-75-16 BF Goodrich Mud terrains loose with that 1 ton rear end on dry pavement..and Unlike the guzzling 454 gas motor, this one gets between 17-21MPG, also thanks to the fuel system mod's. Its got that super rich healthy Diesel clatter at Idle , and plenty of black smoke under heavy accelleration (thanks again to the fuel system mod's). Of course, that doesnt bother me at all. If it was not for the fact that the engine has over 360,000 miles on it, I would slap a turbo on..and then everyone would be in big, big trouble...although the engine burns no oil, Ill leave it naturally aspirated for the rest of its days..after that though everyone really will be big big trouble. When I first got the truck, not running, and noone knowing if it ran at all, my intentions where to do the insane, pull the 6.2L and in goes a 5.7L Diesel..HEY, at least I didnt say pull the 6.2L and put in a friggen 350 Chevy, so that I can have the comfort knowing that gasoline is at every gas station..good thing too, it would be stopping at all of them along the way to anywhere. Anyhow, $750 and a few days of blood, sweat, tears, and swearing (its only human)later, I have the work beast I have today..and thats including two batteries, and eight glow plugs.

Hmmmm...A Diesel crewcab, plenty of power over the gas versions, nearly equal performance, and amost 50% better fuel economy with NO overdrive and 4.10 rear end..almost makes owning a gas version sound rediculas, just a little bit, doesnt it. Dont forget the 360k+ miles.