Its Crazy, But True!

Ok, This section Involves the 260 Diesel and the 350 Diesel..First off, The 260 Diesel with a bore of 3.5" and a stroke of 3.385" Has the same parts As the 350 Diesel which has a bore of 4.057" and a stroke of 3.385" except the pistons and Smaller chamber heads (smaller Bore)..Same small block Olds Diesel..I have often wondered what the results would be If 260 heads where used on a 350 and vice versa..Well with the help of Math, Ive found the following..

350 Diesel Compression Ratio with the use of 260 Diesel Heads

Standard Bore........ 28.5:1 .030 over........ 28.6:1 .040 over........ 28.7:1 *Very efficient!...Very Loud! *Cast Iron Headgaskets must be used as well *Never get near front of car when Running! *Warning: Explosive!

This would probrably throw the crank on the street!

260 Diesel Compression Ratio with the use of 350 Diesel Heads

Standard Bore........ 16.5:1 .030 over........ 16.6:1 .040 over........ 16.7:1

*Fairly efficient...smooth rumble *Would Be Gutless, But with a Turbo, It would probrably hold up good!

Don't go gettin any Ideas now!