Another V8?

Another V8, you ask? you know of, there was a 4.3Litre 263 Diesel V6 and the 5.7Litre 350 Diesel V8, but there was another V8 made belive it or was a 4.3Litre 260 was only in production from 1979-80...available in Oldsmobiles produced 90H.P. and 170 ft.lbs. torque. Everything matched up between the 350 and the 260 except the piston bore(3.5" in the 260)Basically a 350 Diesel Block sleeved! There arent many of them around a matter of fact they really dont have a reputation cause they weren't in production long enough to get one. Thats why I call the 4.3L 260 Diesel its long lost cousin.

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