Copper Head Gaskets

In some extreme engine applications, "sandwich" style gaskets arenít strong enough to withstand the operating conditions of that engine. This is usually when the engine builder turns to metal gaskets. The use of copper head gaskets on engines assures that there is no blow-outs since there is no fibers to blow out. Unfortunatly, swapping out the fiber gaskets for copper head gaskets on a 5.7L Diesel isnít a great idea. When using any solid metal gasket, the surfaces must be clean and completely true with no warp at all. Installing a copper head gasket on a engine with a warped surface can result in immediate compression seepage into the water jackets. Unlike the regular head gaskets, copper head gaskets require a sealer like Hylomar, or Copper Gasket sealer to seal off water passages etc. The use of copper head gaskets also require the use of head studs. To completely seal the cylinders, it is possible to O-Ring the cylinders to avoid compression leaks.The copper gasket is impossible to blow out as long as the proper work is done before installation, which makes it a good choice for engines having plans for things like a turbo in the future. But even with out a turbo, copper head gaskets have a lot of benefits.

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