Bonneville Updates!

Well As Of 4-4-99 at 4:30am My Diesel Bonneville was Fired back up (with no exhaust) and ready for I said before about using standard gaskets, well I didn't..i went with the .010 Thicker..which was so thick infact, that I could hold it horizontal and it would barely flex! a 2x4 in comparrison!..and they weigh about a Pound!...very sturdy looking..I coated them with copper gasket coat, put the head on, installed the ARP 190,000psi head stud kit and the rest was history..oh except I had to replace 10 Pushrods at $6 each!!!...I noticed that a few injectors where unfastened from their joints when I took the lines free from them on disassembly..not knowing this, the engine was severely hard to start hot and cold...i eventually figured this out and fixed the problem..starts right up now..I used gasoline in the intake to help get it primed, and with the injectors being the way they where, it was no east task! it would rumble and smoke alot!...but never stay eventually, i let it sit, thinking it was the glow plug relay..i took one off another car, before installing it, i reached my hand in, turned the key, waited for the plugs to click twice, turned it over and it started (with no wanna hear what drag cars wished they sounded like??...) so I finally put all the pulleys back on, T-stat, all full of coolant and ready to go I had an appointment 250 miles away about 4 hours from then..and after working 17 strait hours, i was way to tired to put the exhaust pipe back on, So i drove around the block a few times and off I went..on my 500 mile round trip ..made it there ontime!!..the car now has 4.5K miles on the new gaskets and is going strong!

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