Main Bolts

Heres something that can creat a nightmare in hell! The Main Bolts, a problem..Usually on the "D" they dont grip all of the threads like they need to do..Does a Broken crank sound familiar?..This is the reason..The DX Blocks have main Bolts and threads that are 1/4" longer..Notice how the DX blocks did not snap crankshafts?..See what I am talking about now?..ARP also makes Main Studs..which I strongly Recommend for D Blocks, as they grab all of the available threads and hold. I still use them in my DX block though..ARP Has this kit available for somewhere in the $75 range.

Its The HeadBolts!

There is a time when at least once when a 350 Diesel owner wonders, "why the hell do Head Gaskets always blow?" Its Because of the Head Bolts..They break and stretch and Most of the time, when a gasket goes, because of a broken bolt, only the Broken bolt is replaced and the rest are reused!..That is the Biggest Mistake Ever!...usually, when there is a broken bolt there is a stretched bolt, that you can not see..and It is reused..and then the gasket will go again shortly after and everyone wonders why.."I just replaced those damn Gaskets six months ago, And the broken bolts too!"...yeah..Only the broken bolts..the rest "looked" ok..(but they where not)..So when Replacing Gaskets, presume ALL your bolts are bad...not just one or none..and If there is no washers under those bolts...ANOTHER BIG MISTAKE..washers distribute the torque evenly to the head..The Updated GM bolts are better than the origionals, but they will still break..I have a few broken ones In a picture that will be posted shortly..I belive there are even better updated ones that are available now that are fairy strong..I suggest the Head Studs with Washers..that are talked about in the Parts section...So basically..Why do the 350 Diesels Blow Gaskets?...Because The Headbolts Cant handle it...If you dont get some strong ones when replacing gaskets, and you reuse a few, even if the book says its ok..there is a good chance you will be tearing that thing down again with in the year...Check the Parts Section for these Head Studs..The Price Is about the same as 20 New factory Bolts from a GM dealer.

ARP Fasteners
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