Building a 5.7 with My Updates

Look Into the following when Rebuilding:

Have the block, crank etc... Balanced and Blueprinted! also be sure to have the mains honed to assure perfect alighnment.

Copper Headgaskets... Virtually Impossible To Blow When surfaces are true.

HeadStuds... Replaces Old Bolts...they Wont break or stretch.

Billet Oil Pump Shaft... Replaces that stock one, that could fail!...Ooops!

High Volume Oil Pump... Nothing Wrong With That.

Main Studs... The strongest way to hold the Bottom End Down..A Requirment for D Blocks!!!

Connecting Rods... Have them resized and Install ARP Rod bolt kit.

Dual "H Pipe" Exhaust... Dual anything is better than single stock..The bigger the better (to a point..Dual 3" is still sane)

Single Industrial Exhaust... Same as Above

More Air... Another air inlelt in the filter...K&N Is a plus

The Cooling System

Cold Thermostat (unless in severe cold)... Keeps the Heads cool to prevent cracking

Four Core Radiator With NO Coolers... Cooler Engine Temp..Radiartors with coolers make the temp of the fluid/coolant rise in warm climates.

Hi Volume Water Pump... Nothing Wrong with that either

Direct Driven Flex Fan 19"... Better cooling at all engine RPM

Big Oil Coolers...

Aux. Electric Fans... Better cooling at idle