ARP Fastener Kit For The 5.7L Diesel

As you know...headbolts break..especially the early models..the caps just snap off..and the updated ones..well I've heard they have broken too...But Theres a solution to this problem!!..A company called ARP has a bolt kit that is rated at 190,000 psi!!..Do you know how much pressure that is???..ALOT!! Our engines do NOT operate with that much pressure..not nearly that much. "The material it is made out of is 8740 ChromeMoly rated at 190,000psi." is what was told to me. This is a complete kit, including studs, precision ground washers and hex huts (all of which are 8740 chrome moly) and a small package of ARP lube. The Price for the Kit is $ 81.55 this is for both heads remember... It requires the threads in the block to be very clean...its some work but the way I see it is that since the whole thing is apart..and takes time and patience to disassemble then do everything to can to prevent yourself from having to do this again!..use the best parts!!

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ARP Main Studs Available Here Too!!

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