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First off I want to say "Welcome"! Those of you who are visiting the site for the first time - please, make yourself at home. You are amongst a libary of information just waiting to be explored. Feel free to share your experiences with others through the message board at any time - "We are open 24/7"! You will soon realize that everything in this site is free for your mind to learn upon. This website is simple, with limited graphics and pictures. But is FULL of text and knowledge. This simple layout focuses on what is most important and is also what allows me to maintain this site- keeping it FREE for the World to see at any time of the day.

When I first started this website in 1998 the internet was a different place. Today, the internet has begun to transform into more of a "market place" where everything seems to have a price or sales pitch in one way or another. This is not a bad thing - however, when it comes to Olds-Diesel.com it is my goal to maintain a little taste of the "Old internet", leaving you with the information that you deserve while owning, or finding interest in the Oldsmobile Diesel engines of 78'-85'.

As you may have noticed, I really enjoy the Oldsmobile Diesels. I drive them on a daily basis - even for work! I enjoy speaking with those who share the same interest and am always more than happy to sit down, or even lean up against the fuel pump and answer those lingering questions that folks may have in their minds. These power plants are my hobby, and my transportation. I depend on them to get the job done wether it be in my weekend cruiser, work truck or my test engines set up for performance and that is what this site is all about.

Secondly, I want to THANK all of you who have been long term readers and supporters of the site. There are some of you who are religious attenders of the message board - quick to help those in need of knowledge by answering their questions. Your vast knowledge and experience with the Oldsmobile Diesels have helped folks follow through with their hobby. Some of those folks may have thought that they were stuck out of luck with their only transportation - but you showed them the way. They have showed their appreciation - and I would like to express my appreciation also. So hats off to those "senior members" of the site. You are all wonderful - and I am extremely happy to have folks like you aboard to help those in need. I hope to shake each and every one of your hands in person - some day.

Some folks may notice something about the site - as it is a commonly asked question. The question is on the topic of "Site Updates". Here is the deal. The website will continue to grow with information, and that is a fact. But, the information that is written is pretty vast. A majority of readers can learn what they need to know as it it written right now. Updates can be split into two sections. The site could always be updated by means of "clean up" and redesign, sure. However this is really not absolutely necessary since it would just be a matter of the same words with a differnt back ground. There are several other topics that are to be covered in the future - as my research and development of the Oldsmobile Diesel engines continue. Aside from a little clean up of the site - the future will be centered around more organization of the information that is seen right now, as well as the things that we all need to continue to take our engines to the next level. Performance, custom parts, etc. My plan is to provide you with everything that you need to continue your dream in the running of the Oldsmobile Diesel engines. The site will jump to the next level - covering the things that where un-thinkable 20 years ago. So to answer the question on the topic of site updates I leave you all with this statement:

"The site is not out of date - and has not been forgotten. I have not given up on it. I will never give up on it. Each and every one of us will get caught up with our every day lives and may become too busy to comment on things at times - but the Oldsmobile Diesels are always in my mind - the website is always in my mind. The date that you see, as to when the site was last updated is only when the last change has occured but I can assure you all that it remains a very busy site with views averaging that of 400 times per day. There is no need to worry. The information is here, and will remain here for you to see. The message board is alive and full of knowlege - and is seen by some of the greatest people in the hobby. So do not think that the Oldsmobile Diesels have begun to die off - because really, it has only just begun...stay tuned..."

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